How Much Outdoor Time Does Your Dog Need?

With spring just around the corner, many of us are eager to soak up as much warmth and sunshine as possible… much to the benefit of our four-legged friends. When it comes to dogs, outdoor time is [...]


Supplementing Aging Joints

As a dog owner, you never want your beloved pet to feel any pain. But much like people, some dogs may develop arthritis in their lifetime. Although it can happen to any dog, arthritis is more [...]


What to Do if Your Dog Is Shaking

Many dogs tremble or shake, even when it’s not cold outside. This is especially common in small dogs like Chihuahuas. While shivering can be just a normal fact of life for some dogs, it can [...]


National Walk Your Dog Month

January is ‘Walk your Dog Month’ giving you the perfect opportunity to get moving to work off all that festive food and drink and kickstart your healthy new year’s resolutions with more exercise [...]


A Complete Pet Dental Care Guide

Does your dog have bad breath? Have you noticed plaque build-up on your pets teeth? Maybe it is time you start to take a closer look at your pet’s dental care routine. Why is your pet’s dental [...]


Holistic Care Plan for Arthritis in Dogs

If you're reading this article, chances are you're experiencing one of the worst feelings for a dog owner: knowing that your canine companion is in pain. As our four-legged friends get older, [...]


Resource Guarding and How to Stop it

Whether it’s their favorite toy, a bowl of kibble or a soft spot on the sofa, dogs can get possessive of things (and people!) they consider valuable. Although seeing your pooch prize something [...]


Understanding Depression in Dogs

When it comes to owners and their emotions, dogs are like mirrors. What do we mean? OK. Think of the last time you felt low or even elated. How did your dog react? The chances are when you felt [...]


Golden Retrievers and Golden Years: Caring for Senior Pets

Just as people are living longer than they did in the past, so are our pets. The proper care and attention we owners give to our pets’ changing needs as they age are giving us years of happy [...]

Do Dogs Need Vitamins?

Most of us take some type of vitamin at least once in a while, so do dogs need vitamins to be healthy as well? It may surprise you that the life expectancy for dogs has greatly dropped from where [...]

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