Dogs and Vitamins, the Dynamic Duo

Dog owners will often go to great lengths to keep their furry companions happy and healthy. Daily exercise, regular bathing and grooming, vet visits, and high-quality dog food are just a few [...]


How to Adopt a Dog

Why Should You Adopt a Dog? A better question would be: why shouldn’t you adopt a dog? There are so many benefits to adopting a dog over buying your furry companion that they warrant an article [...]


Do Dogs Need Vitamins?

Ever been taking your daily vitamin and thought, "I take a multivitamin daily. Should my dog take vitamins as well?" The answer may be yes! Vitamins keep your pets skin and coat healthy, [...]


Including Your Dog In Your Thanksgiving Celebrations

The weather is brisk but beautiful, football is on the television, family has gathered and everyone eats probably way too much. A question many people often have is “How do I include my dog in [...]