How to Adopt a Dog

Why Should You Adopt a Dog? A better question would be: why shouldn’t you adopt a dog? There are so many benefits to adopting a dog over buying your furry companion that they warrant an article [...]


Reasons Why Dogs Eat Poop and How to Stop it.

For some species, such as rabbits, eating fecal droppings is a totally normal way of obtaining key nutrients. In fact, if you prevent rabbits from doing this, they will develop health problems, [...]


Best & Worst Dog Breeds for People With Allergies

What do you do when you love dogs, but you or a family member is allergic? You do what many people do: Get one of a number of dog breeds touted as hypoallergenic. They’re described as the best [...]


Menu You Should Never Feed Your Dog From

It's dinner time and your dog looking at you with those big puppy-dog eyes. Perhaps a whimper, or a muffled bark, just to let you know their's there. "Here, sweetheart," you say, [...]