10 Plants Poisonous to Cats and Dogs

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We all know that pets are curious by nature, especially when it comes to eating strange things. Plants are particularly tempting for them. Flowers, houseplants, garden plants, or plants in the wild dogs and cats can be perfectly happy to munch away on pretty much any vegetation. However, many plants are toxic to pets and, if ingested, can cause severe consequences.

While humans can be taught what to avoid, this can be difficult for pets. As a responsible pet owner, you should be aware of the plants that are poisonous to your pets in order to keep your furry friends healthy and safe.

Here is a short list of some common offenders:

Aloe Vera

Known for its health benefits for humans, this plant can be very harmful for pets. While the substance inside is relatively harmless, the skin of the plant is toxic to cats and dogs.


All parts of the plant are considered toxic, and ingestion of a tiny bit can result in poisoning, affecting the skeletal and cardiac muscles of your pet, or even leading to a coma.


Don’t be fooled by their sunny look – ingesting the bulb, plant or flower of these plants may lead to serious trouble for your pet.


Though lilies make a lovely decoration, they are highly toxic to cats. Even the pollen from one lily can lead to kidney failure. So it’s best not to keep them around when you have cats. Curiously, lilies are not toxic to dogs.


Natives of southern California probably know best how pretty the oleander is. Yet, few are aware of how severely it can affect cats and dogs. All parts of the oleander contain a highly toxic component that can cause a number of problems.


The bulb of tulips and narcissus plants contain harmful toxins. So, if you have a dog that digs, be cautious.

Tomato Plant

Surprisingly, the entire tomato plant is toxic for dogs and cats. Even tomatoes themselves can be poisonous for pets if they eat enough.


We all adore this bright, festive plant during the holiday season. Though generally considered mildly toxic, it can cause some serious discomfort to your cat or dog if ingested.

Sago palm

Very popular in warmer climates, this household and outdoor plant can be very harmful to pets. The whole plant and the seeds in particular are very toxic. Eating a single seed can be fatal.

English Ivy

Another common outdoor and indoor decorative plant, ivy can be poisonous to dogs and cats if eaten. This is definitely one to steer clear of in any pet’s lover garden.

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